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The ranch was created to fulfill a dream that I have since a was a child. Not only that we sell our own horses that often bought from owners that was looking for a different adventure, we also rescue horses from bad situation, care for them and re-home them.
We don't believe in free horses, as the care for a horse can be very expensive and time consuming, we believe that someone that will buy one of our horses will provide not only love, but as well assume all responsibilities for the horse care.

We don't have 100's of horses for sale, and we don't always sale everything that we got, we choose and select the horses that are sound and safe to the right person. There's no money in horses unless you are doing full time sales, and I don't have time or passion in be a horse trader, I have the passion on learn the horse's personality, ability and re-home them, that is why I have a full time regular job to pursue my dream of "rescue" horses and re-home them.



Little bit about me:
  • I was born and raised in Brazil 
  • Got on a horse for the first time when I was 6 year old
  • Moved to the USA in 1999
  • Got back with horses in 2007
      Announcement as of 10/23/2020    
  • I keep thinking to myself... back in the days (which still is the deal to me) a good horse is the one that takes you to the trails and you ride all day long without having to laydown, shoot guns off of, run a flag, etc... Yes I do that to with my horses to be able to show people how safe they are... but if you can't ride or handle a little bit of the horse attitude why are you buying them?
  • I want to make very clear to everyone here and further future...
  • If you buy the horse from today on and when it gets to your house, two weeks later the horse got you numbered, don't call me back wanting me to buy the horse back (nothing against the horse) but I am getting tired of people buying a good horse and can't freaking handle a small attitude (such as, ears back, don't want stand to mount, etc) you are a grown up and this is not your first rodeo so please man up and teach your new horse to respect you as you take care of them! Understood??? Thank you all in advance

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Kelly Marshall Keating


I highly recommend Double S Ranch. Gicelli knows her horses and listens to what the rider needs. We just bought our 3 year old walker from her. He's doing Great and he's everything we were told he was. They are honest and take pride in every horse they find a home for.

Karen Watkins


I had never bought a horse sight unseen before. I got a good gut feeling about Giceli from watching all her sale videos and by closely scrutinizing the conformation and movement of the horses she had available for sale. I sent my trainer, who traveled from Denver to check out the horse I was interested in as I was tied up and couldn’t make the trip. Eli (Poco) was a horse Giceli said would be a good fit for me, based on our endless conversations. A week later, my trainer and I drove out to pick up Eli. I’ve only had my new guy for a week now and am having a good time getting to know him. He's everything Giceli said he was

Sherry Brooks Moseley


Purchasing a horse from Double S Ranch has enabled a grandfather, Pat, my husband, to go on trail rides with his granddaughter, Anna. This horse was bought sight unseen, based solely on what Giceli said about him. I do not believe we could have found a better horse for Pat anywhere. I trust her explicitly, so much that I will be making a trip next weekend to pick up our second horse purchased from Double S Ranch. Thank you Giceli.

Alan Bagliore 

If you want a horse that is the best ,and you get what you see,as well as dealing with honest ,real good people ,look no further,you found it here.