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Welcome to Double "S" Ranch

The ranch was created to fulfill a dream that I have since a was a child. Not only that we sell our own horses that often bought from owners that was looking for a different adventure, we also rescue horses from bad situation, care for them and re-home them.
We don't believe in free horses, as the care for a horse can be very expensive and time consuming, we believe that someone that will buy one of our horses will provide not only love, but as well assume all responsibilities for the horse care.

We don't have 100's of horses for sale, and we don't always sale everything that we got, we choose and select the horses that are sound and safe to the right person. There's no money in horses unless you are doing full time sales, and I don't have time or passion in be a horse trader, I have the passion on learn the horse's personality, ability and re-home them, that is why I have a full time regular job to pursue my dream of "rescue" horses and re-home them.



Little bit about me:
  • I was born and raised in Brazil 
  • Got on a horse for the first time when I was 6 year old
  • Moved to the USA in 1999
  • Got back with horses in 2007
      Announcement as of 10/23/2020    
  • I keep thinking to myself... back in the days (which still is the deal to me) a good horse is the one that takes you to the trails and you ride all day long without having to laydown, shoot guns off of, run a flag, etc... Yes I do that to with my horses to be able to show people how safe they are... but if you can't ride or handle a little bit of the horse attitude why are you buying them?
  • I want to make very clear to everyone here and further future...
  • If you buy the horse from today on and when it gets to your house, two weeks later the horse got you numbered, don't call me back wanting me to buy the horse back (nothing against the horse) but I am getting tired of people buying a good horse and can't freaking handle a small attitude (such as, ears back, don't want stand to mount, etc) you are a grown up and this is not your first rodeo so please man up and teach your new horse to respect you as you take care of them! Understood??? Thank you all in advance

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      Announcement as of 07/23/2020    
  • ALL visitors MUST be scheduled within 2 weeks advance, there will be a $60 dollar fee per rider per horse that you try (must pay at arrival), if you decide to purchase the horse the $60 dollar will go toward the horse purchase, if you decide not to purchase the horse then the $60 dollar will NOT be refundable. Please understand that my time is very valuable to me, my family and I can't continue to provide a
  • "free horse trial" 


Dave Maldonado


G is The most honest, friendly and caring person anyone could buy a horse from. G searched for a while for a horse that would suit me,, I wanted a forever trail partner and was just getting over being scammed by a horse dealer that misrepresented a horse to me.. G did not push any horse on me but simply waited until the right one fell in her lap and she toId me about Josie.. I couldn't make the trip from Ohio to Georgia so I had to put my trust into G which wasn't easy after just being scammed. G knew this and went above and beyond to make me comfortable and show me that this horse was everything I was looking for.. videos, pics and FaceTime rides! I bought Josie from G and unfortunately Josie got injured getting on the transport trailer to come to me. It took 3 months of healing and being her caretaker before I could actually ride and get her on trails. G was there every step of the way during Josies recovery. Not a week went by where G didn't check up on her progress. Finally 3 months later I get to trail ride my girl and she is everything G said she was. if you are reading this review because you aren't sure if you should buy a horse from Double S, I'm telling you don't hesitate. You will not find a more upfront and honest person to deal with and their horses are represented exactly how they are. I have not only gained a beautiful horse that is exactly what I was looking for but now gained another friend in G. I can't thank her enough for her honesty and kindness. The world needs more people like G in it.


Sherry Smith-Schmitt

As a veterinarian I truly know the risks of buying horses online however Double S Ranch is an exceptional place to find one!!! You won’t find a more honest, helpful or caring person the Giceli. She TRULY cares about BOTH the buyer and the horse and this caring and help doesn’t end when the sale is done. She helped me find my true heart horse, Bono, and has been there for me every step of the way and more. Goes ABOVE and beyond to make sure you are happy and have the horse if your dreams! Can’t thank them enough or say enough good things about them!!!! Life is too short, but the won’t regret it!!!


Gina Owens McClain

we purchased 2 horses a couple weeks ago from Double S Ranch G was amazing to us she knew what kind of horses we needed and we got the most amazing boys thanks to her and her great horsemanship she had come to our farm after a week of having the horses and guiding us with the boys and also she had helped us find the right tack for the boys and we are very satisfied with everything she has done for us Rusty and Crimson Rythem have found there forever home in the North ga mountains we have not only found the horses we wanted we also made a new friend we recommend Double S Ranch and G for anyone looking for nice sound and healthy horses thanks so much again G for everything you did for us Kenny and Gina


Cindy Horton Hester


Giceli and her Double “S” Ranch are the BEST!!! We got two amazing horses from her and they are everything she said they were and more. Not only are they gorgeous, they are smart, gentle and sweet. She takes pride in matching a horse with the right human, and she certainly did that for us. After the purchase, if we have any question, no matter how “dumb” since we are new horse owners, she does not hesitate to get back to us with answers and help. If you are looking for a horse with a reputable trainer who truly cares about the horse and the buyer, look no further than Double “S” Ranch and Giceli!!! Big thumbs up from us!!!!

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